How does API impact changes in read and write operations?

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read_customers, write_fulfillments, read_fulfillments, write_inventory, read_inventory, read_locations, write_orders, read_orders, write_products, read_products, write_third_party_fulfillment_orders, read_third_party_fulfillment_orders, write_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders, read_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders, write_shipping, read_shipping, write_locales, read_locales, write_custom_fulfillment_services, read_custom_fulfillment_services
-> This is the data we are using to connect our supplier , so they receive the details about an order. 
We are receiving the popup and mail , that there would be changes that will have an impact on our API. 
The mail : 
- The delivery_category field has been removed from the REST Admin API ShippingLine.
- The gateway, payment_details and processing_method fields in the Orders source have been removed. The REST endpoint `orders/transactions.json` and the GraphQL connection `transactions` provide the correct information per transaction set. 
It's the first time working with API's and we do not understand why this would have impact on our API , as we are not using these fields. 
Can someone help? And Explain please?
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