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How to add a refundable deposit on an article in the cart?

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We are a zero waste company. Our products are packed in jars, bottles and cloth bags and we ship them. If the customer add the product into the cart, the refundable deposit should be added too. For example


Product price: 10 Dollar

refundable deposit: 2 Dollar

Summ: 12 Dollar


If the customer brings the refundable deposit back, he gets the money (2 Dollar for example) back.


We use an app which calls "Product Fees & Charges". See the link below.


This app does not working well. No matter which browser you choose, sometimes the deposit works and sometimes not. We installed the app correctly and adapted the code correctly as explained in the explanation.

How can I solve this problem? Does anybody had the same problem with isue? Is there perhaps a better app for this problem?


I extremly pressed and i hope anybody can help me.

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Hi Eagle,

We often do this for our BookThatApp customers, but we can do it for regular products as well. Please contact us at support @ for a quote if you are interested.

Thanks, Gavin.
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Hello Gavin, do you have an example website in which this deposit is working?

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We have the same request, we are selling Beer in mini kegs, but there is a€5 deposit on all Kegs sold, when the customer returns the keg, the €5 gets added to their account and available for them to use within 6 months. 

Did you get a solution, currently we are issuing "Gift Cards" but its not ideal.  Did you get a solution to your request.



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Hi, any updates on this? I am also with a zero waste company looking to refundable add jar deposits

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Are there any updates? We are having the same problem. Customers need to pay a deposit on our jars and get it back when they are returned. 


Is there still no app? 


Kind Regards, 



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Nothing, and surprisingly enough no direction towards and APP either €€€€

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Same here. Brewery and we want to add our large kegs. Equipment despot is £50. Any suggestions on how to do it? The beer is £70 and I don’t want people to be put off if they think it’s £120 for the beer!

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Following - also run a zero waste business and need the same for milk bottles and cotton bags