How to add Custom Sizes?

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Hello community! I've done a lot of research on this and I can't seem to find an app that does this. Maybe someone here can help. We sell custom sized stickers and I'm looking for something where the customer can chose from a list of popular sizes/quantities OR input their own value if what they want isn't listed. Prices will change based on this value. The photo best describes what we're looking for. We've found some apps that will do some things we need but not all. If anyone could guide us in some direction, this would be extremely appreciated!


Thank you!



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Hey @stickemupinc,


Well, based on your requirement, I believe following app will be apt for you. Please check this app and let me know of any further questions.

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Hey - 

We were also trying to sell custom products and couldn't find an app to help us, so we built an app and put it on the Shopify app store:

You can build any type of customization you want and allow your customers to insert inputs based on their needs.

We have a 5 star rating and offer a 7 day trial! If you have any questions feel free to email at



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Hey @stickemupinc, Did you got the solution for this requirement.

If yes, Can you please share me how did you achieved it?



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Hi @stickemupinc 


apart from the other mentioned apps, we've also developed an app that does support entering custom dimensions and calculating a dynamic price based on the entered sizes. (Also supports quantity discounts)


You can find the app here:


Here you can check our demo store:


We offer a 14-day trail, if you need help with the setup you can reach us via the Support button in the app. 




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Indeed this app helped us to develop the above mentioned requirement. 


The app service is great, efficient communication and a really easy to get lots of help and support. They clarify many questions!