How to add more than 25 filters in Search & Discovery app?

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Hi everyone, happy selling!

We're using Shopify's own Search & Discovery app for filtering but the problem is they limit the maximum number of filters to 25 which is enough for most stores but it isn't in our case.


We've tried other filtering app but they aren't great for different reasons. One of the main reasons is that we'd have to create all the filters again and add them to the products manually - we have over 9,000 products.


Is there any way of increasing this 25 number? Would a Shopify developer be able to solve this issue for us?



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I am also having this problem. Our store needs about 50 filters.

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Same issue for us. We'd like to add upwards of 60 filters (ideally as many as we would like...)

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It's the same for me

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Yeah this seems like a big oversight by Shopify. When you have thousands (or 10s of thousands) of products across dozens of product types, 25 definitely isn't viable. 

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While waiting for the Shopify update, does anyone have another way to use the 25+ filters? If so, please guide me, thank you!