How to add personalized print-on-demand apparel to my store?

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I'd like to add personalized print-on-demand apparel to my store. I'd like people to be able to upload a picture of their pet, then have this photo turned into SVG (or some type of minimalist design), and then have this printed on the clothing. I'm currently using Printful. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about doing that? 🙂

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Hi @Nik11,


From my understanding, POD apps like Printify typically do not support custom options such as customer-uploaded images. They generally process orders only for products generated within their app, without alterations. You can refer to their documentation for more details.

Their recommendation is to integrate an app that allows customers to upload their images separately. You would then manually create a product in the Printify app using the uploaded image and proceed with the order.

Following this suggestion, you might consider using the Easify Product Options app to seamlessly incorporate a file upload section onto your product pages - using the File Upload option type. This would enable customers to upload their images easily 🤗. Below is an example:




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Thank you for your reply 🙂 I really appreciate it. I will checkout the Easify App!