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How to allow customers to select background post purchase?

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Hi! I am looking at offering an option where my customers select their backgrounds after purchase. I have a lot of background options for some of my products, and cannot include them all due to Shopify's 100 variant limit, so I want to make it so that my customers can select their background after purchase, instead of during purchase on the product page. Please see attached screenshots of what I am referring to. These are 2 examples of what I am looking at doing from 2 different stores. Instead of where the customers would select their backgrounds, it just says that they will select their backgrounds after purchase (and allows them to preview the backgrounds). So after the customer has purchased the product and then approves it post-purchase, they can browse through the backgrounds and select one then. Is there a specific app that lets me do this? Also, if there is, is there a specific way I go about sending the background options to the customers? Thank you in advance for any assistance and advice 🙂

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Looking for this same app as well.