How to automatically update order tracking numbers with BigBuy API?

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Dear forum, 


Im looking for solution to update the orders tracking number automatically.

Im using BigBuy supplier, and there is already API implemented for product updates, this is done by Syncee.

now I need solution to query API to BigBuy and to get the response and update for the tracking fielding shopify. Im not the developer but Im locking for the way to implement this solution below:


BigBuy order tracking API:

General steps:

To write a Shopify API to query BigBuy order tracking, you need to use the GraphQL Admin API and the BigBuy API for developers and programmers. You can use the following steps as a guide:

1. Create a bulk query operation using the GraphQL Admin API. You can bulk query any connection field that's defined by the GraphQL Admin API schema, such as orders, customers, products, etc. You need to specify the fields you want to retrieve and the filters you want to apply. For example, you can query all the orders that have a fulfillment status of "fulfilled" and a created_at date between "2018-11-08" and "2018-11-15". You can use the Shopify API search syntax to construct your query filters. For more details, see [Perform bulk operations with the GraphQL Admin API](^3^) and [Shopify API search syntax](^4^).

2. Poll the bulk operation until it is complete. You can use the bulkOperationRunQuery mutation to start a bulk query operation and get an ID for it. Then, you can use the currentBulkOperation query to check the status and URL of the operation. When the operation is complete, you can download a JSONL file that contains the query results from the URL. For more details, see [Polling for bulk operation completion](^3^).

3. Parse the JSONL file and extract the order numbers and fulfillment IDs from the query results. You can use any programming language or tool that can handle JSONL files, such as Python, Ruby, jq, etc. You need to loop through each line of the file and parse it as a JSON object. Then, you need to access the order_number and fulfillments fields of each object and store them in a data structure of your choice, such as a list, a dictionary, a dataframe, etc.

4. Use the BigBuy API for developers and programmers to get the order tracking information from BigBuy. You need to register as a distributor on BigBuy and get an API key to access their API. You can use the Orders API to communicate orders immediately from your management platform. You need to pass your API key and the order number as parameters in the request URL. You will get a JSON response that contains the order details, including the tracking number and tracking company of each fulfillment. You can also use the Delivery Tracking API to keep track of your orders on your management platform. You need to pass your API key and the tracking number as parameters in the request URL. You will get a JSON response that contains the delivery information of each order, such as the status, date, time, location, etc. For more details, see [BigBuy API for developers and programmers](^1^).

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