How to change port for Theme App Extension in Shopify Public App

How to change port for Theme App Extension in Shopify Public App

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I am using node-template for Shopify public app and I installed theme extensions in it. I am trying to run it locally but I get the following error 

theme error.png


When I go to this address i get the following error 

theme 2 error.png

I did remove the star_rating.liquid file and added my own file but why is it catching only this file?  I deployed it using yarn deploy command and it deployed successfully but if I start it locally then it gives the above error. Kindly tell me what seems to be the problem. How to change it's port?

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hi @Faateh
You can try passing  the port number by passing a port number using the command line argument port
Try running you're development server using npm run dev -- --port=<PORT>

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If you see "The address "" is already in use. Use the --port=PORT option to serve the theme in a different
port." It might because there is another extension is running. You can try this

shopify app dev --theme-app-extension-port <PORT>