How to Change Translation Lab App Switcher Position

How to Change Translation Lab App Switcher Position

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I´m using T Lab (Translation Lab) App for translate our website, and I have an issue. I need to change the position of their switcher language and currency selector, and I am able to do that in the theme editor for desktop devices, using their integrated app features. However I am not able to change the position on mobile.

I asked to them by through their customer chat, and also I´m very dissapointed with them. Their reply is that they can not help me, because in their own words: "Indeed it is possible, yet this intervention is part of our Premium plan as it requires Dedicated Development Support". At this point I consider they are not giving a good support for users, in spite this app is considered as a "shopify native app". Also to change the position of the switcher is a game of children, something basic. Even this app includes a place in the theme editor, that only requires to add a simple line of code ( I think it is css or something like that), to indicate where you want to place the switcher in mobile devices. So it is incredible the support team of the app do not want to share this information a give a good support to the users and shopify community.


And this is the reaason why I would like anyone of you can help me with this matter please. I would like to place the switcher at the bottom of the menu (when it is open) in mobile. I add some pictures for better understanding.


Thank you so much!!


Fran Molera 

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Hello, I am facing the same issue. Were you able to solve it?


Thank you!

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@chiararomano @Vanfrank I am also facing this kind of issue, do you both resolved that? Can you share your solutions?