How to connect shopify store to my website

How to connect shopify store to my website

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Hi, I am new to Shopify. I have a website and want to allow users to connect their shopify stores to my site. They should then be able to click a button on my site which should import products on my website into their connected shopify store. Is it possible? If yes, then what api do I have to use?

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Hi @AhsanSarwar,


I believe the best way to do this is through Public App. You would then sync Products and Account details using either REST API or GraphQL.


You wouldn’t be able to query admin API without an access token and only way to get one is through an app install or if the shop owner created a private app and shared the access token with you.


Lastly not really recommended solution is to web scrape the products from the front-end. 

Happy to discuss further with you.


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