how to create a bundle with different variants of same product?

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Hi, I was wondering if there was an app that could help me bundle different variants of the same product.


I have 3 variants, we can call it A,B,C. I want my first option to be just to buy variant A. The second option to buy variants A + B, and the third option to buy A,B, and C. Is there any app that can help me do this? I found another doing it. Heres an example. Thanks for the help!

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It depends how you want to handle orders for these items. You can achieve this without any apps by setting an option on the product and then having the 3 variants described with what they contain and price accordingly.


You would only need to consider using a bundle app if you want to track inventory of all the products in each variant. There are 2 parts to managing inventory of bundles. The stock available of the bundles based on components and updating stock levels after a bundle sells.


Our bundle app has 2 main features that solves these issues.


1. Bundle Inventory

It lets you connect up your bundled product to components and it then updates the inventory based on the component stock level. So when a component product stock level gets updated the bundle also updates based on what can be made up along with any other bundles that also use the same component SKU.


2. Order Fulfilment

When you sell one of the bundles the stock level won't reduce automatically. What Bundleup does is update the order post purchase by replacing the order line with the component SKUs as order lines which then reduces stock of the components and that feeds into point 1 above.


The other type of bundle app is theme based one which will add all the products to cart and apply a discount code to set the total price. You can search in app store for these types of apps.





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Hi @dwordsworth,


You can use the Easify Product Options app to set up different product options, similar to your reference site 🤗. Here's a quick illustration:





However, to manage your inventory effectively, we might need additional settings. Can you provide more details on how you want to handle your inventory? Then I can provide further suggestions.

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