How to create a custom mobile app for my online store?

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We want to create custom mobile application. We already have own working shopify web store. But we need to make custom mobile app with same store. Please guide us what will be the proper solution?

We wanted to make app in react native. So is there is any built-in sdk for android and ios to make call in shopify. We need app where user can perform all the things which he can perform on web store. And when user buy any product, it should reflect in our shopify store. 

Note: We do not want to use any app creator or any drag and drop application, We need to make our custom app same as shopify web store.

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We can see how eCommerce has evolved throughout history. From the ancient bazaars of centuries ago to the online bazaars of today, but at the core of the theme, the same rule has always remained the same: essential to the shopping habits of customers.

Shopify is a leading eCommerce website builder whose service is being used by millions of merchants. What it gives you is a basic eCommerce website that also works in a mobile browser, but effective mobile commerce starts beyond a mobile website. With the development of technology, the mobile phone has become a basic necessity for everyone. There has been tremendous growth in mobile users over the past few years, and so has the demand for mobile apps.

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Hi @alextst 

We have recently launched our mobile app builder.


It's developed on react native hybrid app.



Helping voluntarily. Please like and accept the solution if it helps. Thanks!
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