How to create a fulfillment request for a Shopify app?

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Hi all,

i'm trying to develop a shopify application for give to customer an fullfilment service.

I have a development store and i'm able to get order and all information to manage the delivery.

When i try to get fullfilment about one order the list is empty
fulfilment_orders = shopify.FulfillmentOrders.find(order_id=order_id)

that i thought that i need to create new one but

fullfilments = shopify.Fulfillment.find(order_id=order_id)
fo = shopify.FulfillmentOrders.find(order_id=order_id)
count = shopify.Fulfillment.count(order_id=order_id)

print(fullfilments, fo, count)

result = [], [], 0

what i'm wrong? can i create a fullfilment request from my app for delivering the object? or shop manager need to create a request to fullfilment by web?

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