How to create a listing for a custom mug with a defined number in stock?

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I make mugs, and I want a preorder listing for a set number of blank mugs, which can be customized in one of three ways. I have gotten so far as to input the color variants, but I'm only seeing the option to add a defined number of mugs for *each* color. I want to create a listing for a defined number of mugs, but allow people to choose as many in their color preference as they want. For example, if I have 24 mug blanks, I want to make it so that I can sell 23 of color A and 1 of color B, or 20 of color A and 4 of color B... does that make sense? How would I create a listing like that?

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Hi @potterydanielle,

Are you looking to let your customers freely choose any color they prefer without predefined available colors and quantities for each color? Or do you intend to suggest specific colors for customers to choose from, while not assigning quantities to individual colors, only setting a total quantity for the blank mugs? Please clarify, and I can provide a suitable solution accordingly 😊.

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