Re: How to create a pop-up form with a delivery calendar as per sample (Newbie here!)

How to create a pop-up form with a delivery calendar as per sample (Newbie here!)

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I'm a caterer so I'd like my customers to see a pop-up form- before they start choosing or ordering- with a calendar of days that I'm able to deliver to them. Some days I'm booked out so I need to be able to blank those days off. Delivery only, I don't offer pick up.


I've just started with Shopify and using Taste theme. Previously used Squarespace.  


Grateful for any help!


This is what I'm trying to achieve;


Screen Shot 2024-04-24 at 11.54.22 am.png

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Hi Magster,


Welcome to Shopify! The easiest way to add a delivery date selector to your site today is by taking advantage of the Shopify ecosystem and use an app that's been built specifically to do this. Always look at the overall rating, number of reviews, and cost. Most apps will offer a free trial period, it can't hurt to try out a few until you find one that has the right vibe for you!


Some options:

io from Symmetry Commerce
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Hello @Magster18 


The ability to block off specific days when you're booked out, how it might work:


You can set the available dates and times for local delivery so that customers only pick those dates from the calendar. and Using other features, you can also block out holidays or non-working days of your store.




If you want, this app, “Steller Delivery Date & Pickup”, allows you to offer delivery date options to your customers during the cart page and manage your delivery schedule effectively. 

iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell App

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