How to create a product option with price based on text characters entered?

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I am looking to create a product option where the price changes based on the text characters entered. Essentially I want customers to be able to spell out a message, calculate the number of letters in the message and a price based on the letter count (ie. 4 letters * $3.99). Something very similar to the form linked below.

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Hi @Jon-Letterbox 

Yes, this feature can be custom code into the theme.



Please refer to the above video we did.


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Hi @Jon-Letterbox,

I recommend exploring the Easify Product Options app, as it offers a straightforward solution for integrating a text field where customers can input customized text.


Notably, the app provides flexibility in setting up pricing for custom text. Options include a flat rate (a fixed price for custom text), a price-per-character model (total cost calculated by multiplying the price per letter by the number of characters entered), or a price-per-character range structure (e.g., complimentary for up to 5 letters, $15 for 6-10 characters, and $20 for 11 letters and beyond) 🤗.



  • In-app settings:


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Hello @Jon-Letterbox 
You can achieve this dynamic pricing feature using the Inkybay- Product Personalizer app. It allows customers to enter text, calculates the letter count, and adjusts the price accordingly Click Here.

Additionally, I can give you a demo product so that you can check.

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