How to create a searchable file repository for customers?

How to create a searchable file repository for customers?

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I'm looking for an app solution or "hack" to create a file repository that customers can search and download. 


Example: We have products that are identified by serial numbers and assigned to a Certificate of Analysis. I want to have a searchable database of these certificates that customers can access using the serial number on their product. 


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi @SolventDirectGB.


You may want to try Serializer - Product Tracking. With the app, you can add searchable serial numbers to your sold items. If your download links are dynamic and can't be inferred by serial numbers alone, you could also associate the item with the download link via the app's "Custom fields" feature. 


The app provides a searchable API. However, a little custom development would be required in your theme to hook up the API with the visuals on your website, e.g. search input field and API call handling. 

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Are your certificates titled with the serial numbers in the file name?


I am asking because we have recently launched an app to do just what you mentioned.


You can pick any files from your Shopify storage and create a searchable file library for your storefront. It's called File Search & Download Hub MPX.


If this sounds relevant to what you want, please feel free to try it out. I love to know what you think about it 🙂






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