How to create donations to send to a charity/NPO?

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I am a retail business that has a high consumer community of beach goers/ surfers/ ocean side residents, etc. I want to be able to set up a button to accept donations to send to wildlife charities to protect the East coastal shores and marine life. How can I go about this properly? Thanks!

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Hey @Jasong34,


I would recommend using a charity/fundraising app. Collecting customer donations in your cart or post-purchase is probably your best bet.

There are a few options, but my (slightly biased) recommendation would be to check out Virtue - Charity Donations. You can do plastic offsetting which might be a good fit with your brand.


Great to hear that you want to do some good with your store!



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Hi Jasong34,


Iequalchange makes it simple & powerful to accelerate your sustainability journey by giving back to people & planet. 

Check them out here:

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Hello, you might have sorted this by now. i=Change however is a solution for you to donate to different causes/charities automatically with every online sale. It's a great way to discount less and use impact marketing to increase conversions. As an i=Change brand you would also be featured in front of other audiences - including those of the charity you choose to support! The team are always happy to chat about bringing new charities onboard- Take a look here: