How to develop an admin developer dashboard for the app?

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Hi there,

Im very new in shopify app development, i think that having a dashboard for myself for manage data or info of the app (who downloaded or Nº of downloads) but i dont know how to put it in my shopify app. 


Any ideas?

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Any data displayed in the dashboard should be available and exposed in the Shopify APIs. If that's the case, then it's just a matter of creating a web app that pulls that data from the API and displays it in the dashboard.

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seems to be applicable

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the panel is intuitive. Take it easy.


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Yes, there is a way we can develop by the custom app.

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Hi @FranRonga,

Are you still looking for a dashboard app?

Please check our app called Voila. A demo can be seen at Voila demo 

Hearing from you.