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How to developed the Giftcard public app.

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Hey there,

I am new in Shopify, have created the public_app deals in Giftcard. Also, have a development store.

I have installed the app in my development store with the scope (read_giftcard, write_giftcard), but when I try to create Giftacrd via API it renders errors.

    "errors": "Not Found"

when trying to use the APIs listed in

What am I missing? 

Store Url:

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Hi There

As I said in your previous thread - what you're trying to do is not possible I'm afraid.

You can clearly see at the top of the Shopify documentation that to use these API your app must be private.

Sorry - you're going to have to either:

  1. Create a private app.
  2. Reach out to Shopify developer support directly and ask whether it's possible.

But nobody on these forums will be able to help you create a public app that uses the GiftCard API at this time I'm afraid.