How to display store sales targets on a POS terminal?

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Hi there. Hoping someone knows an easy answer to this.



Display sales targets on the POS terminal to share store and company targets, for the day, week, month. Displaying it on the POS terminal when team members are logged in keeps the goal and progress front and center so team always knows the target and their progress. E.g. Show daily store sales target, current progress, some history maybe, also for organization for our stores as a whole. Focus on team performance, not individual.



So far, the only App I saw that was close to this is Shift. Hoping there are others to compare and contrast against.



If anyone is aware of a simple app that provides a dashboard of some sort at the POS station level it would be appreciated to share with me.  Thank you.

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We are looking for the exact same feature. I tried to download Shift Win but it appears that the app is unable to be downloaded right now. I tried reaching out to the developers who created it but haven't yet heard back. This seems like a big gap in the current POS market and would be great if Shopify brought the capability in house or if another developer created an app that worked. 

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Interesting. I was looking at Shift Win, good to know not to waste anymore time.  Seems like as you say an obvious gap someone would fill.  Thanks for your thoughts if I find anything I will pass it along, please do the same.