How to effectively integrate Lightspeed with Shopify API?

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I’m looking for someone who has a good working knowledge of Lightspeed and Shopify API

I'm am looking for a robust Lightspeed Shopify API integration platform.  We have one physical location and one Shopify online store. 

All existing inventory (details and images) in Shopify synced to Lightspeed. All existing customers in Shopify synced to Lightspeed.  We currently have no inventory or customers in Lightspeed.

sync inventory, orders, and customers between Shopify ecom and Lightspeed Retail point of sale

1. As items sell online, physical inventory counts will auto-adjust, and vice versa

2. Flexible syncing  two-way syncs, one-way syncs, syncing just one specific field

3. Reporting - Web orders from Shopify - total Count, total Sales for a period of time, and status of Order - Unfulfilled,  Fulfilled, or Ready for Pickup.  (sortable)

4. Buy online (Shopify) return in-store (Lightspeed) - adjust inventory levels correctly of synced SKU for accurate reporting in Lightspeed. also Buy Online, Pickup in Store

5. Full web order (Shopify) synced into Lightspeed POS (these Web orders would all be attached to one Employee i.e. "Online Sales" in Lightspeed POS. Fulfillment of Web orders would be managed in Shopify, shipping labels would be managed in Shopify.

6. Customer online sales and instore sales would display in Lightspeed SALES history for each customer. (a online sale could be exchanged instore or returned instore for store credit)

7. Ability to select which items are displayed online or hidden, this could be done by “special Tags” ie. “_online” or radio check box??

8. Omnichannel Gift Cards (optional but needed)

9. Taxes match correctly.

10. Create a new product in POS or eCommerce, have the option per SKU to manage in Shopify or Lightspeed. 

11. Once a SKU is linked, when it sells in-store its available quantity online will automatically update, and vice versa 

12. Incoming Online orders are auto printed in-store. (optional)

13. Lightspeed layaway items will reduce the inventory. items taken off layaway will increase the inventory. 

Mapping Chart 


Shopify  <->               Platform                  <->Lightspeed

Title                                 Title                             Item Name

Description                 Description                Long Description

Cost per item                     Cost                        Default Cost

Price                                    Price                       Default Price

Compare at Price              MSRP                                 MSRP

 Vendor                             Vendor                            Vendor

Product type                 Product type                       Category

SKU                                        SKU                            Custom SKU

Barcode                             Barcode                                      UPC

Tags                                         Tags                                   Tags

Variants items                 Variants items                  Matrice items      

images                                     Images                              images

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Shopify Partner
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Hey @Jewelcam 

We have worked on multiple Shopify to Retail systems integrations, and are happy to evaluate your requirements in detail. A link to case study of one of our integrations:

Shopify Integration with Citrus-Lime Retail for an automatic inventory sync

Please email me at


Automating Commerce at Comstack

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We have plans to add Lightspeed to our integration list.  We work with a number of Point of Sale systems integrated into Shopify.  

Let us know if we can help. Here is an example of one of the POS systems that we integrated with

Feel free to email us at and see if we can help.


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I am currently in the process of working on everything you've described below for my current employer. I've been migrating their 3 systems (Lightspeed, Hyperspace & Shopify) used for both retail/brink and mortor and online/ecommerce website. Including the development of custom work linking with Shopify. If interested feel free to reach out,

Shopify Partner
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Hello Jewelcam,


If you are still looking for this type of integration then you can use SKUPlugs Lightspeed Shopify integration. For more details please visit the below link




Shopify Partner
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Not an API expert. However, if you are using both Lightspeed and Shopify and want robust de-anonymized omnichannel customer & transaction data, I would recommend looking to Marsello for integrated loyalty. When a customer identifies themselves at POS/online (swipe their loyalty code or sign in online), all transactions will be connected to their customer profile.

Marsello can also run powerful multi-site reports so you can compare performance between sites. Plus, you can create segments across online/in-store to run more powerful and targeted marketing campaigns. E.g. "bought X collection" will include online and in-store customers who match that rule.


Check out these merchants who use Lightspeed POS and Shopify and see what they're doing with the integration.


I hope this is helpful!




Alice @ Marsello
Retail Marketing Expert
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