How to effectively use post-sale email forms for improved customer service?

How to effectively use post-sale email forms for improved customer service?

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I have a series of questions for the customer to fill out who just bought my product… to help fine tune the service we give them post sale. It's not for an upsell... it's so we can get the info we need to provide a better product/service of which they just bought.


What is the best way to administer those questions and what app/add-on can be used to do that. I would preferably would like to have it done as part of the checkout process… and the have the email form sent to me.


I can do some coding myself if need be... don't need to hire someone... just need to be pointed in the right direction... code wise... or preferably... via a solid app.



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There are 3 options AFAIK:-

For starters you can set up an email automation form which gets sent to customer post purchase is made on store. In order to drive more conversions, you can also offer a small discount for next order to customers who fill the form. This will be using emails and you can control questions using form. Responses gets saved in excel/dashboard automatically for either and can be analysed as per your comfort.


Other option would be to either use an app or create an app using app blocks/ app embed blocks which shows this form with questions on thank you page of your website. 


Another way, you can set up a type form /google form and just add this as a url in a popup of your store . There are several popup apps that are there on shopify app store.



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What you need to do is to use post-sale email forms effectively to improve customer service, and focus on personalization, clarity, and follow-up.

Keep the forms concise, asking for specific feedback on their buying experience including a clear call-to-action, such as links to customer support or FAQs.Regularly analyze the collected data to identify trends and areas for improvement, ensuring your customer service continuously evolves based on real customer insights.

Three email personalization strategies can help you achieve customer loyalty :

Strategy 1: Optimize your email subscription forms.
Strategy 2: Choose your email marketing service wisely.
Strategy 3: Personalize your emails.

To make these strategy work, I'll recommend an app that I'm using currently for my store - it really helps sending personalised emails and boosting engagement rates
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Thank you !