How to find an upsell cart application for displaying promotions?

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Need your help! THere is so many app that it's difficult to find one for my request...cart fan2.jpgCart fan.jpg
I'm looking for an Upsell cart application capable of displaying promotions and an incentive bar for adding products to qualify for the promotion directly within the cart.

My current promotion: For each purchase of a board, the customer can choose up to $400 worth of complimentary accessories.

I need to be able to program the suggested accessories for each type of board myself, and have them appear when the customer adds the board to their cart with a title below like "To complete your kit" (or similar), I want the suggested product directly in the cart, easy to cadd in the cart.

When the customer adds an accessory, it should appear at $0 and display the remaining amount needed to reach $400, and when the customer has added enough accessories to reach $400, it should clearly indicate this. Currently, the customer has to leave the cart to shop for accessories, which is complicated, and they only see the discounts once they've added enough products to get the $400 free (see my screenshots).

Ideally, in case of no sale, there should be an option to add the suggested products with a 5% discount (in a bundle).

I'm looking for an appropriate application that I can try for free. Also, if there's a shipping bar available, that would be great.
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THank you

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Please check app may be it will help you

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Thank you for your help!
Really appreciated
Unfortunally not exactly what I m looking for
Thank you