How to fix a 404 error on a Shopify app proxy?

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We have an app that uses Shopify's reverse proxy to mask it as a subdomain of the Shopify site.


Today, after we had an issue on our server that hosts the app, the reverse proxy has started throwing a 404 error on Shopify for all our clients that have the proxy enabled.


How can we fix this issue?

We have tried to remove and add the proxy on the app itselft, we have also tried to adjust the proxy url on a clients app details and then switch back to what it used to be, but none of these "fixes" solved the problem.


Do you have any suggestions?




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Hi sir did you find a solution to the problem? i am stuck in your same position, the endpoint if called from the clouflare link it works, but if i call it from the frontstore with an app block it gives 404 not found.

thanks in advance