How to fix iframe connection refusal due to Content Security Policy directive?

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good morning.


I started to get this error message "Refused to frame '' because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors 'none'"."


I have already updated my app to return add CSP headers: 

Is there any configuration that needs to be updated in Shopify for this to work?
Thanks 🙂



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check this guide from Shopify:



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Hello @rodrigoassis,

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I would suggest you troubleshoot the issue by following few steps:


1. Ensure that the URL you have supplied in your Apps Whitelist and Auth callbacks are HTTPS.
2. Make sure the URL you are trying to load is a valid URL
3. Clear the cookies and cache of your browser and then reboot the browser.
4. Try a different web browser. For example: If you are currently using Google Chrome, login to your Shopify store using any other browser like Firefox and then try to install the Facebook Channel.
5. Try to login from an incognito window or private browsing window to rule out any browser issues.
6. Try another device, such as another computer or mobile phone.
7. Try to connect to some other internet connection. For example: Use network on a phone rather than wifi.


Also I recommend you to go through this documentation on Setting up Iframe protection


I hope that the above list's tips will help you solve your query



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Hey Rodrigoassis,
Was your issue resolved?

How did you resolve it,
I'm getting same issue, but it appears randomly in my case