How to fix OAuth authentication issue for beta app submission?

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We received an email "Issue with your submission".

Our current beta app process that has worked well is:
-Add URL, click install
-It redirects with the info to (User previously logged into) Shopify
-On our Install App Page - Click Install 
-It returns to our home screen

The email states:
Your app must immediately authenticate using OAuth before any other steps occur. Merchants should not be able to interact with the user interface (UI) before OAuth. As per the current app's set up, it still leads directly to the user interface. The word 'authenticate' in the email is linked to to help us understand.

The dev docs are not clear to me about what we are to fix.
The two that pertain to us are: 

  1. Any connection that your app makes from its UI to either link to another shop or install other apps must go through the Shopify App Store listing first.
    The problem is that we do not (to my knowledge) have a Shopify App Store listing, as we are not yet approved. So, if we are to send our customer to the listing, we need it approved first?

  2. Apps must be installed and initiated only on Shopify services. Your app must not request the manual entry of a URL or a shop's domain during the installation or configuration flow.
    We need a way to point to the right place for the App before the Install button can be pushed. 

It seems like we need to have an app store page and that we need to redirect to after the OAuth is done.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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When you said "On our Install App Page - Click Install", does your app have a page (user interface) that prompts the user to install with "Install" button?  If this is the case, you can't do this - it should go straight to installation. "Merchants should not be able to interact with the user interface (UI) before OAuth." 

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