How to fix Shopify-Etsy integration app order syncing issues?

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    I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek assistance regarding an issue I am experiencing with the Shopify-Etsy integration app. While I have successfully synced my product listings from Shopify to Etsy, I am encountering difficulties with the order importing feature.

    I have configured the import settings to include all orders, but unfortunately, the app does not seem to sync orders automatically as expected. While I can manually import orders, this workaround has its own set of challenges. Specifically, when I manually sync the orders, the items listed on the order do not match the actual products ordered on Etsy. This inconsistency is causing confusion and potential fulfillment errors.

    I would like to inquire whether this issue is a common occurrence among users or if there might be a known fix for it. I am eager to ensure a seamless integration between my Shopify and Etsy accounts to streamline my operations.

    In addition to the order syncing issue, I have encountered problems when attempting to contact support through the app itself. After using the app for a short period, I receive an error message that states: "Error communicating with remote fastcgi server." On mobile, the error code displayed is "-1001." As a result, I have been unable to utilize the in-app support function to seek assistance with these issues.

    Given the challenges I am facing, I am reaching out to you directly in the hopes of finding a solution or troubleshooting steps that I can undertake. I am open to any guidance or recommendations anyone can provide to address these matters.

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Joy V here from Marketplace Connect support.


Apologies for the difficulties you experienced with the Etsy integration on the Marketplace Connect app. Concerning the error message that appears when you launch the app, I want to assure you that this problem has been resolved. You should now be able to open the app without encountering any issues.


Additionally, we have reviewed your other concerns, and I can confirm that these have been escalated to our development team for thorough investigation. We are actively looking into these matters, and once we have any updates to share, we will promptly communicate them to you through email.


Feel free to contact our 24/7 support team any time by clicking on the Support button found at the lower-right portion of the app or any of the help articles. Alternatively, if you require additional assistance, you can also send us an email to