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How to get custom data from api

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Is there a way for me to get the number of orders for the day for a product in different shopify stores? For example, store A with product x sold 4 orders that day, store B with product y sold 6 orders that day, store C with product z sold 8 orders stores that day and I don't own those stores. I have read through the api documentation but still haven't found a solution.

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Since you don't own the stores and the information is not publicly available, here are your options:

  • Request for collaborator/staff access from those stores to view, run reports manually or automate using something like Selenium to get data
  • Build a public app, get it reviewed and listed and then request the store owners to install is, you can fetch product and order data from these stores using API and process
  • Build a custom app for each store to do the above (you won't need to go through the review path)

Hope that helps

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Thanks for recommending this. The problem is that i have a list of hundreds of shopify stores and i need to get the data of all of them. I know there are a few sites that do that but I don't know how they do it.