How to get theme app extension to communicate with app backend

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I'm trying to fire an API call from my theme app extension to my app backend.

I've set up an app proxy and I am setting my proxy URL to my APP URL from the Partners Platform, for example is set to be routed if hit from "/apps/uni". I am aware that it changes every time npm run dev is executed, and I am updating it accordingly.

After this, I'm trying to hit an API to the same endpoint, /apps/uni/v1/product.
I expect this to be handled in web/index.js which is run after running the npm run dev command.

Sample:  app.get("/v1/addresses", async (req, res) => { console.log("Request Received"); // const countData = await Product.count({ session }); res.status(200).send("Success"); });

This gives me an HTTP 200 status response and goes through the app proxy, as checked on the network tab. However, there is no console.log statement output.

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