How to handle unfair negative reviews on our app?

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We are the developers of the Shopify app Platoria:


We recently received a negative review on our app, which would be fair if it had been a real store using our app. But the store did not use our app at all, basically installed it, immediately uninstalled it, and left a bad review.


Is this allowed to leave a review after not using the app at all? What can you do about customers like that?

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I know you're allowed to reply them. Just reply and ask them how they came to that conclusion (the review) when they installed it and immediately uninstalled it, and offer to listen to issue and fix it if it needs fixing.


I have seen many developers reply back with stats like these install, uninstall times, how they used the app, what they did wrong, etc.. Just don't reveal personal info, but stats are fine. If they are reviewing based on an expectation that the app clearly doesn't offer, then explain to them that them downloading the app without reading the app's features is not your fault. 


I know customer service is to be nice and all, but you should be honest and let people know that the 2 seconds it takes them to give a low rating unreasonably can destroy everything you work for.

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