How to have approval to charge merchants outside of the Shopify Billing API?

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Hi everyone,

I'm haveing some issue with the enhanced submission and now i'm trying to fix all issue to public my app on store.


Reviewing submission form I fond the voice: 

"All app charges must go through the Shopify Billing API unless you have prior approval from Shopify.

I have approval to charge merchants outside of the Shopify Billing API".


And i never asked for approval to charge merchants outside of the Shopify API.

How to ask it?

There is a specific form/email to contact?

I have already sent several emails to the address without an answer.


My app is free to install but probably will have a charge outside the Shopify API.


Can someone help me?

Thanks in advace.

Best Regards.





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Do you have any information about this ? I know it's been a year already but maybe you solved it

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Wow. No answers, I can't find any information on this. 

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Did  anyone ever look into this? I am unable to find any information on chargin outside the Shopify API and yet there are apps like Klaviyo and Recharge that do so!


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We are looking the same information, but cannot find it. We have submitted our app for approval as "free to instal", as for entrance to the market the trial period is switched on for few monthes, so we didn't need to get this approval. But in the future we need to switch on billing our merchants outside the Shopify. No information how to get this approval