How to have color and size variants, and only enforce minimum quantity on the color variant

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I'm searching for an app and hope someone can help me. In our store, we want the customer to be able to choose shirt colors and sizes on one product page. The problem is that we need a minimum quantity limit of 12 per color. We do not want a minimum quantity for size.

A grid or table interface with rows and columns for colors and sizes is ideal for a good user experience. An app called MultiVariants - Bulk Order is close ( It does create a table for the 2 variants. But I cannot set a minimum quantity for just ONE of the variants. 

Imagine we have a grid with blue, red, and yellow rows for the color variant. The customer should be able to enter a quantity in each size column, like Size Small - 4, Size Medium - 2, Size XL - 6. If the sizes add up to 12 on each color row, they can add to cart. If they have fewer than 12, they would get alerted that they can't add to cart until they have a minimum of 12 for each color.

To add to the complexity, we also sell items that have other minimum quantities. For example, a water bottle may have a minimum quantity of 50, and just a color variant.

This website has an example of what we are looking for. If you go to and click on the "ORDER FORM" button.

I have not been able to find an app that can provide a 2-variant option grid, AND provide min quantities on a per-product, per-variant level. Can someone recommend an app that can do this? The agency that is helping me said I have to put each t-shirt color on it's own product page. That's not much of a solution!

I've asked Shopify Support but they keep recommending apps without really considering the requirements, and I lose time going down various rabbit holes. Thanks!!!
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Hello @rachelPGAHave you got the solution? If not, then try MultiVariants - Bulk order app again. MultiVariants now brought this feature into the app.


As you want to allow your customer to choose a minimum quantity limit of 12 per color and there will be no restrictions on size, so it can be easily done with the new feature of MultiVariants - Bulk order app.


With this app, you can set restrictions on your first option. So, you can set a minimum/maximum quantity for just ONE of the options. 


Let’s say, you want to allow your customers to buy 12 quantities of shirts of the same color like white, black, red, brown, etc. So, they must choose a minimum of 12 in brown, 12 in red, etc. customers can choose these 12 items in any size. They can pick all of them for example, in small size, or maybe 4 small + 2 large + 6 extra-large = 12. The restrictions will be applicable to the first option (color) that you create for that particular product. The customers can’t go to the cart page until fulfilling the condition of choosing 12 products of a color.

This restriction will be applied for different display styles like select, list, grid/box, and swatch.


Additionally, through this app, restrictions for minimum-maximum quantities, minimum-maximum order value, predefined bundle, interval quantities, and limits on variants can be applied.


Also, you can set restrictions on any specific product or group of products in your store. You’ll get 3 days of trial for going through all the available features.


Here is the Sample product where the customer must choose 12 quantities of a color in any size. Here is the Sample store with more available features.

Per Option Restrictions-MultiVariantsPer Option Restrictions-MultiVariants


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