How to hide the shipping method Recurring shipments in shopify checkout.

How to hide the shipping method Recurring shipments in shopify checkout.

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Shop has already moved to Checkout Extensibility.


When I add a subscription product and a regular product to my cart at the same time and proceed to the checkout, the shipping method is split into 'first delivery' and 'recurring delivery'.

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There is no difference in delivery method between regular and subscription products, so we don't want to split them into 'first delivery' and 'recurring delivery'.

I want to display the shipping method as if I was only buying regular products.

I have tried the following, but it does not work.

Is there a flaw in the code?



if(flagSubsc) {
    if (input.cart.deliveryGroups.length > 1) {
      const secondGroup = input.cart.deliveryGroups[1];
      for(const option of secondGroup.deliveryOptions){
          hide: {
            deliveryOptionHandle: option.handle

  return {
    operations: OPERATIONS_LIST



I have tried Operation Hide." HIDE", but not only did it not actually appear, but the delivery method was removed.
So I got an error like there is no shipping method to choose from.


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Do you know if this is possible with the shopify functions or Checkout UI extensions.

If anybody has a solution, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hy Monchan, looking for the same.

Or just change the wording on this recurring delivery block.

Did you find a solution?


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Hi MagaliWD!


Unfortunately, I have not yet found a solution.
Sorry for the Japanese, but I have not found a way to change the text "Recurring shipments", although I can change the text "通常配送"...

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Hi Monchan, to change the text "Recurring shipments" you can go there and search for recurring.

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If you succeed to change the text in the subscription delivery method, can you tell me how?


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I am also having this problem.

For me this is appearing on all subscription orders (including those without a non-recurring product in the cart). Something must have changed recently.

Would greatly appreciate a solution.



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Hello @monchan,


When a customer adds both a regular product and a subscription product to the cart, Shopify’s default behaviour is to separate the shipping methods into 'first delivery' for the regular product and 'recurring delivery' for the subscription product. This happens because Shopify treats subscription deliveries differently by default.

Using apps that specialize in managing delivery dates and shipping methods can help control how shipping options are presented at checkout. Consider apps like Steller Delivery Date & Pickup that offer more customization.

  • This app can help by allowing you to set specific delivery dates and manage shipping rules, which might help merge shipping methods.
  • Customize and control delivery dates for all product types, ensuring consistent delivery methods.
  • Set rules applying the same shipping method to subscriptions and regular products.

Check out the app here: Steller Delivery Date & Pickup 

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Thank you for introducing me to the app.
I will try this app.

I will report back here to see if I have made the change.

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Hello !

I have the same problem, there is no solution to hide the block 'recurring delivery' ?
Without getting this error 

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