How to identify specific theme app extension block in section file

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I want my page to be composed of theme app blocks as much as possible.


In Dawn theme I found a way to add custom block in section, use "type": "@app" and I can add my theme app in theme customize page.


    "name": "Product page main",
    "tag": "section",
    "class": "section",
    "blocks": [
            "type": "@app"
    "settings": []



But when I render the "@app" block in my section/xxx.liquid file, the only information I can get is that block.type is "@app", and an unique random



{% for block in section.blocks %}
	{% if block.type == '@app' %}
		{% render block %}	
		{% comment %} an random id: {% endcomment %}
		{% comment %} name is blank: {% endcomment %}
		{% comment %} settings is blank: block.settings {% endcomment %}
	{% endif %}
{% endfor %}



I couldn't identify these app by it's or block.type, each of them is type "@app". For Example, I need to show only one of the App which contains "Ad" in it's name.


Is there any other additional information I can access in the liquid file ? 

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