How to Implement Mandatory Document Upload for Prescription Pet Food Sales

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Hi Shopify Community,


I am building a website to sell prescription pet food. A critical feature for my store is the ability for customers to upload a veterinary prescription before they can complete their purchase. I need assistance on how to implement this functionality effectively.


Here are the steps I envision for the process:
  1. Customers select the prescription pet food they need.
  2. Before proceeding to payment, customers must upload their prescription evidence in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format. This step is compulsory.
  3. Customers then complete their payment.
  4. Our team will review the uploaded prescription evidence within 30 minutes.
  5. If the prescription evidence is not valid, the order will be rejected.
  6. If the prescription evidence is valid, we will proceed to deliver the goods.


Could anyone guide me on how to set up this prescription upload feature on my Shopify store? Are there any specific apps or custom coding solutions that can help manage this process seamlessly?


Thanks in advance for your help!
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Is it one prescription per order, or one prescription per customer?


If one per customer, you can require customers to login/signup before being able to checkout (there is a setting in Shopify Admin > Checkout for that).

During registration you can use an app like the one in my signature (Customer Accounts) to require customers to upload a document and also to approve the applications before they can create the account and log in (and proceed to checkout in this case).



If it's one prescription per order this wouldn't work, you would need to look for an app that is able to add required fields on the checkout page directly.

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Hi @Vet_Ricky ,


A custom can be build to fulfill your requirement please refer the implementation flow.


Your product will have an attribute to specify when you need prescription to be uploaded.


Cart page will have a check for prescription required. If user has item which required prescription an upload field will be shown to user which will be Mandatory to upload for checkout.

Once prescription uploaded checkout button will be enabled.


Attached file will be available in admin to verify with order.


Please refer the below video where we have enable the upload field at product.



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Hey @Vet_Ricky,

Your use case sounds very close to what our Customer Fields app can do. Though, I will recommend changing the steps a bit. We have an account approval form that you can show to new (or existing) customers. This form would use our file upload field for RX scripts, and set to required. If you want to bar these customers from checkout before their RX is approved, then you can make accounts required in order to checkout in your Shopify settings. Otherwise, the customer that uploads an RX and is approved by your team can checkout with no barriers. 

I recommend the above because if you're looking to halt fulfillment based on a manual process after you collect payment, this could be consistent sticky point for the customer experience. 

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