How to import Genie Option Sets into Dawn Theme

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How do I import Genie Option Sets I made into my Shopify Dawn Theme?

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Hi @Kevinnlc,

When encountering issues with a third-party app, reaching out to the app provider for assistance is the recommended course of action. This support is not only crucial during the initial setup but also for addressing unexpected issues that may arise during your app usage.


If your current product options app provider is unable to assist you adequately, you might want to consider exploring the Easify Product Options app (Free plan available 🤗). This app seamlessly integrates with the Dawn theme; all you have to do is create your options and activate it within your theme.




Easify stands out as one of the most user-friendly apps, featuring a modern in-app live preview, an impressive array of 25 option types (unmatched by other available apps), and a host of advanced features.


Additionally, the Easify team is readily available for assistance via live chat whenever you have questions or encounter issues while using the app. We invite you to give the Easify app a try 🙌!

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