How to include shipping method and despatch date in order printouts?

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just setup the marketplace connect app and all good however when I print out orders with the  order printer app I would like to include the shipping method the buyer has chosen and the despatch by date.


this information is on the Shopify order page but can’t see how to add it to the invoice or packing note.


wonder how everybody else does it.


thanks in advance



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Josh here from Marketplace Connect Support.


If the information you need to print is present on the Shopify order, you can try contacting a representative from the order printer app for help with getting the information printed.


Feel free to reach us any time via email at or through the Chat button at lower-right portion of the app or any of our help articles.

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can't get to the support for the order print app; this is just the usual Shopify support rather than getting through to the developers who know the code


The information on the order page is eBay Handle By Date


Hope you can assist further

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Hey Leonard,


If you're finding it challenging to add specific details like the shipping method and dispatch by date on your invoices or packing notes with the Order Printer app, our solution, Sufio: Professional Invoices, might be just what you need.


Sufio is designed to allow the creation of detailed invoices that not only include the full order breakdown but also, crucially for your needs, it can include the shipping method and dispatch dates. I’d like to encourage you to give it a try and see if it meets all the needs for you and your business.


Our support team is readily available to assist with any questions or help you might need during the setup. Let us know how it goes!


— Djimi from Sufio