How to integrate custom product options and bulk discounts for a custom shirt store?

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Hi everyone. So after trying many many apps I can't see to find 2 that will play together nicely. 

We are a Custom shirt printing store and need to be able to do the following. 

provide product options eg the location of the print and a file upload function for the design. 

Also a bulk discount (advance customer level pricing would be great) for large orders. eg by 50 and get 50% off the shirt and the printing cost. 


I have found apps that can do this but they then conflict in the cart and cause issues with the pricing. 

does anyone know what I can do here or any apps that will work together. 



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Hello @Rolly60,


It is a common issue two separate apps conflict one with another when both deal with one parameter in their logic. So there are basically two options:
1. Fingers both apps to be developed by the one company developer and ask for their support to fix the conflict.
2. Find a professional Shopify development company with an extensive experience in custom apps development to audit both apps and offer you a solution.


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Hello, As you want to allow custom options along with bulk discount on products then you can try the Inkybay app.


This app comes with tons of customization features. Your customer can upload images, add text, and graphics and design the product as they want. With the user-friendly designer, they can also see real-time pricing while customizing the product. Also, you can get the placed order files in four different formats PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG.


Along with the customization features, you can also apply bulk discount on your product. The discount can be applied on three three criterias (Base price,Design price, Option price). You can set discount for different quantity range.


This app provides great customer support and they provide services in many ways like live chat, email, ticket, and live meetings also.


You’ll get 21 days of free trial for going through all the customization features. Here is the Demo Product.

Inkybay - personalizer.png



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Hi @Rolly60 !


Have you tried Kickflip?

It's a product customizer app allowing your customers to upload their own image or choose from preset image gallery to add to a product, like shirts! They can visualize the result in a very realistic preview, increasing your conversion rate. It is also possible for your customers to add text on a shirt, if it is something you want as well.

For the pricing. We have a conditional pricing option that allows you to add extra pricing on different options, colors, etc. Your customers will see the total price change dynamically as they select these options.

For bulk discount, spoiler alert : we are just about to launch it within the next few weeks. So by the time you choose your app and set your product you'll be able to do this with Kickflip!

There is a dynamic coloring feature which provide you the ability to upload only one image and apply color dynamically on it, instead of uploading one picture per color options. This can be really helpful in your case. 

I invite you to try it and see by yourself 

Hope this help ! 
Kickflip also has an amazing customer support, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.




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Hi @Rolly60,

I recommend giving the Easify Product Options app a shot. It not only lets you create custom options for design selection and print location, but also enables you to set up tiered wholesale pricing. This means you can apply discounts (fixed price/percentage) for larger quantities, all within a single app. No need to worry about conflicts 🤗.


Here's a brief guide on using the app:

  • Create your custom options:




  • Configure tiered wholesale pricing:



Don't hesitate to try the app! Its user-friendly interface includes a modern live preview feature 🙌.

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