How to integrate multi Shopify stores?

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I want to integrate other Shopify's stores to our Shopify.

And I want to get the commission when their products are sold.

I found Multi Vendor Marketplace app, but It didn't allow us to sync up catalog information and inventory information automatically. ( I can update the inventory by uploading the csv file)

Is there any way to sync up other Shopify's stores and get the commission automatically?


Thank you!

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We do this for a few clients who have multiple stores. How would you like to process the commission side of things - reports etc?

You can get in touch to discuss further at



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Hey @CarMeets, you could sync up your inventory with other Shopify stores using Leap Multi Store Sync. The set up is a quick, one-time process and the inventory and prices across the stores are synced real time with no need for pesky manual interventions or csv files. You could set separate commission rates for yourself for each of your products/SKUs as well. 


You can also automatically forward orders from your store to other stores in Shopify, so that every time a customer orders a product on your store, your source stores automatically receive the orders as well.


Please drop an email at, and we'll help you set up your inventory syncing and order forwarding for you!