How to manage session info for multi-page Ruby on Rails apps?

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I have created a Ruby on Rails app using Shopify App gem and successfully inatalled it on development store. The very first page and it content are loaded fine but when I click on a link(anchir tag) to another page, an empty page is loaded which looks like an error. Upon looking into server logs it turns out when request goes to server for redirection upon link click, the request does not have session info and thus Shopify App gem tries to redirect to Login page which gives some SSL related error. Will I have to manually pass session related info(via query params may be?) to the server to achieve multi page in rails? How can I achive this without passing session related info which each link assuming that there can be a large number of links?

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Have same problem with the 

rails generate scaffold section title:string body:text
the new and show actions does not have a Shopify session. Did you find solution?