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How to navigate pages in a Shopify Node app?

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I'm totally new to Shopify app development and I followed the tutorial here exactly:

I also completed steps 1-4 here:

Now I have my completely 'standard' application installed on my development store.

I can't believe I'm actually stuck on this question but after searching all the docs I still don't understand how to add a navigation menu to my app so that I can navigate between the index.js page and any other pages I need to create. I'm used to building simple React (not Next.js) apps using 'create-react-app' and using the 'react-router-dom' library, so I feel out of my depth here even doing something so simple as navigating pages!

Does anyone know a good tutorial or perhaps you can give me some simple steps with code examples to show how to handle basic navigation in a Shopify Node app?


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Having the same issue. Seems like a very basic concept that's not documented or explained very well anywhere. Please lmk if you find anything.