How to recover from a scam on an online shopping platform?

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I bought a motorcycle for my kids on Christmas the 27th and paid with shop pay then I decided to contact the merchant to see who the shipper was and found out it was a bogus number then I emailed the contact email and no answer so I asked my card to dispute the purchase and reported the store it is now gone and the email doesn’t work and my money is gone  the store was named Daounzi shop and had several hundred items listed looked totally legit the way you pay was legit everything was right but I lost my kids 830.00  they lost their Christmas and I just want to cry. I only used this platform because I wanted to try something different but I suer learned my lesson  I wish I would’ve stuck to what I know like Amazon or eBay I’m so devastated over this and don’t know how to explain to my children why they don’t have a Christmas this year

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