How to send & get attributes from cart in Checkout UI Extension

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I'm working on the creation of a checkout UI Shopify extension, to show a banner that displays information of some hidden inputs that we add on the add/cart form.

Is it possible to send information to the shopping cart from the storefront, and then be able to consume it in a checkout UI app to display it in a Banner?

I noticed that by using the useApi() Hook I can get some information on the checkout and cart line items, could I get the information that Shopify sent from the add/cart in this same hook? 

Or how can I do this on the Checkout UI App Extension?

Payload from add/cart

_subscription_filter_selection: #######123
_subscription_filter_interval: 15
_subscription_available_intervals: 6,9,12,15
_subscription_available_unit: month
_subscription_filter_date: 03-13-2025
_subscription_filter_price: $89.10
_subscription_filter_title: Product Title
_subscription_filter_unit: month
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