How to set specific pickup dates for two store locations?

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Dear Community

I will be running a seasonal store and will not be offering shipping.

Online sales will take place from Thanksgiving and onwards.

I will have two locations, which the customer may choose to pick-up from at checkout.

The issue is that I will only have very restricted dates where this will be a possibility - meaning location one will only be open for business 5 days, and the other 15 days.

I can't seem to locate a means to do this? 


So the process will be:

1)The customer selects products A B & C and places an order on Dec 1 online.

2)During checkout, the customer selects Location One for pick-up.

3)The customer then selects any of the 5 days to pick up the order


Any ideas?


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It sounds like you've got a unique setup for your seasonal store, and ensuring your customers can pick up their purchases on specific days is definitely important.


You're correct that the solution you need isn't a standard feature, but there are apps that can help you manage this. For instance, the Pickup Delivery Date app (link to app) seems like it could fit your needs. It allows you to set available pickup dates and limit the number of pickups per day, which seems perfect for your restricted date range.


You can also explore a variety of other apps that offer similar functionalities here: Pickup Date Apps.


Best of luck with your seasonal store!

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Thank you Lee-Strong-SEO I will try this app and see if I can do as I intend.



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Hi @Chris0108,

I recommend trying out the Easify Product Options app to address your specific requirements. Here's a step-by-step guide tailored to your case 🤗:






App Settings:

  • Install the app and create a new option set.
  • Add an option for selecting the Pick-up Locations, using a proper option display type like Radio Buttons, Dropdown,...



  • Add the first Date Picker option to show when customers select "Location One" in the Pick-up Location options. Set a time range so they can only select the pick-up day within your 5 preset days. Use Conditional logic to show this Date Picker only when "Location One" is selected previously.




  • Similarly, create another Date Picker option allowing customers to select their pickup date within your 15 preset date range. This option will only be shown when customers select "Location Two".



  • After creating your options, add them to the product pages of your products (A, B, C), and you're done.



Let me know if there's anything that doesn't fulfill your requirements, and I can suggest further adjustments.

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