How to set up tiered volume discounts for multiple SKU variants?

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I think I have a complicated use case, so hoping someone has a good recommendation for me. I sell socks, and I am trying to offer volume discounts for these different SKU variants of 'one product'.

1) I need to offer tiered discounting (buy 3 get 30% off, buy 5 get 35% off, buy 7 get 45% off, buy 10 get 50% off) that both shows up as a table on the product page and as a reminder in the cart.

2) It needs to account for any product added to cart through this product page regardless of SKU.

3) Ideally I would love a progress bar but I understand that may be out of reach.

4) I also need to be able to add discount codes for sales on top of this tiered volume discount, and the codes need to work with shopify admin because I sell on Facebook shop as well.

Is there an app that can handle all of this, or even a couple of apps?

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We have developed an application that might be able to solve your problem. We are currently going through the app approval process which may take another week or so to get done. Would you like me to reach out to you as soon as we are ready to see if we can help you on your request?


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