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How to setup a Deposit and Refund system on empty Beer Kegs

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I hope you can help me please - We are selling 6L beer kegs which the customer has paid a €5 deposit per keg. When the customer is finished their beer, we are encouraging them to log a return of their empties, We will pay the collection & send return labels with their purchase - So it's hassle free on the customer & once we receive their empties they will get €5 credit to their account, but i can't see how this would work in our shopify store, am i missing something !!!

Thank you in advance


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I'm also frustrated by this issue. We charge a deposit with kegs and there does not seem to be an option to do it on Shopify, though other platforms offer it (e.g., Local Line) as well as online accounting programs (e.g., Quickbooks). 

If anyone has discovered a solution to this issue we would love to hear it!


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Is there any update on this issue - even a comment