How to solve the Cloud Run and Firebase Hosting cookie issue for a Shopify App?

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We are preparing new embedded Shopify App, we started from "npm init @Shopify/app@latest" and followed all instructions. Because of our existing tech stack we decided to deploy it via Google Cloud Run (with provided Docker file). So far so good, app is working and we are able to connect it to development store.

As a next step we wanted to use custom domain instead of native (auto-generated) Cloud Run url. One of the options is to use Firebase Hosting, the problem is that Firebase Hosting is removing the cookies (all but __session) and installation process of the app can't be finished (since cookie mechanism is used to forward some auth info). So I have questions:

1. Does anyway solved the Cloud Run + Firebase Hosting cookie issue?
2. Is the url of the app visible at any point during distribution using App Store? Maybe we don't need to care about custom domain and just use auto-generated Cloud Run url?

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