How to solve the persistent discount issue on app reinstall?

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Hi Everyone! I am having an issue with Shopify functions and need some suggestions.


So Once I install my app and create discount using graphql. The discount shows in the discount tab in admin panel. Later on If I uninstall my ap the discount stopped working and also don't shows in the admin panel which is good. But it seems like it's not deleted from shopify. 

When I try to create the discount again after installing the app it says Discount already exist and name should be unique. But it don't shows in admin panel but worked on the cart. 

What am I missing here? If it exists then why It won't show in the admin panel? also when I try to query to see the discount ids it shows nothing. So no sign of discount is shopify but still exist somewhere and worked on the cart. 

I want either to get rid of it completely on app uninstall or if not possible when I reinstall the app it should show in admin panel again. 

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks 



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