How to sync new product variant to TikTok Shop?

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I have a product that is currently synced to TikTok Shop through the official TikTok app, the product currently has 2 variants on Shopify which are properly synced to TikTok Shop. Today I needed to add a new variant on my Shopify platform to that same product. I saved the changes on my Shopify product page, but I am unsure as to how to make that new variant available in my TikTok Shop. 


I went to the TikTok app and manually selected to sync price and inventory hoping that this would make a requests between shopify and tiktok, but the new variant is not syncing.


Does anybody know if the new variant will sync by itself at some point since the product is already correctly mapped to my TikTok Shop? or do i need to do something to have the new variant synced?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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